HOU$E of LIE$! (big fan)..

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My man Marty!

Hou$e of Lie$!

Marty, Marty, Marty!  Where are you when I need you?

I’m a huge House of Lies and Don Cheadle fan.

As a mix of exec and geek, I’m exposed to all sorts of jargon.   I’ve had close friends next to me at times and soon after a tech conversation ends, I’ll hear a comment like “man, that’s a complete second language – I didn’t understand a word of what you were talking about”.   The same could be said when I was consulting and I recently started tracking some of the more funny phrases.  Here’s a list of terms that have been heard in day to day corporate conversation:

  • “We should change the flavor of the tone and tenor.”
  • “What does the crawl, walk, run process look like?”
  • “tl;dr?  More like dc;wr! (doesn’t care, won’t read).”
  • “Silence will be interpreted as violent agreement.”
  • “How do we unpack the problem?”
  • “We ping-ponged on that topic a bit yesterday.”
  • “ragequit!”
  • “Who will draw the swim lane for this?”
  • “Rinse, Repeat, Re-market..”
  • “We’ll be belly rubbing with select customers only.”
  • “You’ve moved the cheese a little further away..”
  • “We’ve severely rat holed on this..”
  • “We’re not considering persona based product portals..”
  • “You’re 100% correct, just not right..”
  • “They tend to chase unicorns and end up with a dead donkey with a spike shoved in the wrong end.”
  • “Who’s going to be the first to lick that cookie?”

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