Introducing Tuskar: An OpenStack Provisioning and Management API

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From Zero to Production: Provision and Manage OpenStack at Scale with Tuskar

We just submitted an abstract to the OpenStack Havana Summit which will be in Hong Kong this year.   If our abstract is accepted we intend to do a full introduction with working demo.

Tuskar gives administrators the ability to control how and where OpenStack services are deployed across the datacenter. Using Tuskar, administrators divide hardware into “resource classes” that allow predictable elastic scaling as cloud demands grow. This resource orchestration allows Tuskar users to ensure SLAs, improve performance, and maximize utilization across the data center.

Tuskar services are available via a RESTful API and management console through which administrators are able to classify their hardware and define their data centers. In addition, Tuskar components provide administrators with performance monitoring, health statistics, and usage metrics, aiding in capacity planning and hardware procurement decisions.

At the Summit, we intend to:

  • Introduce Tuskar and describe its core concepts and functionality
  • Provide a brief architectural overview of Tuskar’s approach to managing OpenStack services
  • Show (with a working demo) the deployment of an OpenStack environment onto bare metal through the orchestration of Heat, TripleO, and Nova bare metal

For those interested in the code, the project is here on GitHub.



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