President Obama follows NoSLZZP to Israel

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“President Obama, Don’t bring your smart phone to Ramallah, you won’t have mobile access to Internet. We have no 3G in Palestine!”
- Palestinian billboard sponsor

Now, about President Obama and why he decided to follow me.  What’s up with that?  Apparently he’s here in Israel and will be visiting the West Bank (Church of Nativity) as well.    I was told that visiting the West Bank may be a little dicey, but I manned up and took the trip out of a sense of adventure (or tourist ignorance, your pick).  As a Baptist, I wanted to see the Church of Nativity  where it is said Jesus was born.  So let’s compare our trips:

Security detail? A gift shop goat horn, size 11 shoes and some forgotten Haganah World’s best – the Secret Service
Mode of transport? Taxi and negotiated pricing, worn out New Balance Air Force One, Marine One and a traffic jam inducing parade of black SUVs
Food? Wandering around trying out stuff  Private chef and state dinners
Visit the beach? Yes! Not without Michelle!
First time in Israel? Yes! as POTUS Yes!
First to the Western Wall? No! Yes as Senator!
First to the Church of Nativity? Yes! No!
First to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre? Yes! No!


President Obama’s itinerary as per the White House:


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